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Raising Toddlers in a 24/7 Connected World

Thursday September 17th, 2015

Raising Toddlers in a 24/7 Connected World


In Conversation with Yalda T. Uhls, MBA, PhD

Technology is being introduced into the landscape of early childhood at an increasingly early age, creating unique challenges for parents. Common Sense Media is the leading nonprofit that teaches parents and educators to use technology in a constructive and responsible way. Come hear advice about how to establish ground rules in your household that will set your kids up for safe, responsible, and beneficial media use. There is no fee for attending.

Yalda T. Uhls, the Director of Creative Community Partnerships for Common Sense in Los Angeles and a child psychologist,

has studied the impact of media on children’s social and emotional development. Dr. Uhls, author of the new book “Media Moms and Digital Dads”, will providevan overview of the digital media landscape in which our children live, learn and play. She will discuss important research and topics that concern parents such as how much screen time is really okay for your toddler, how young kids learn from both the real world and the screen world, and what you should be most concerned with as your child grows into a digital native.

About the Speaker:

Yalda T. Uhls, MBA, PhD, is the Director of Creative Community Partnerships at Common Sense Media and a child psychological researcher with UCLA. Yalda’s research focuses on how older and newer media impacts the social behavior of preadolescents and has been featured in Time Magazine, the NY Times and NPR as well as in scholarly publications. Awards include UCLA’s Psychology In Action Award, for excellence in communicating psychological research to audiences beyond academia as well and the Society for Research in Child Development’s Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. Prior to her academic career, Yalda spent over fifteen years as a senior entertainment executive and producer. Her book Media Moms and Digital Dads will be published this October by Bibliomotion. Most importantly, she has hands-on experience dealing with these issues as the mother of two digital teens.







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