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About Us

The Parents Education League of Los Angeles (PEL) believes families have choices when educating their children. As a non-profit organization, we provide opportunities for families and children to discover the most fitting schools and learning environments.
PEL offers the most objective, current, and comprehensive information regarding schools and education, via its website, workshops, advisory services, fairs and publications. PEL is the best overall one-stop resource for unbiased and accurate information about schools and educational enrichment because it operates in connection with and consultation from schools and the parent community at large. We serve families with children of all ages, from toddlers to the college-bound!

Once you have found the best fit in a school for your family, you can continue to count on PEL to bring you topical news, workshops, speakers and events!

As a non-profit organization, PEL is dedicated to bring you the most relevant programming at the least expense. In fact, the Website is full of free resources, news and links.  While some of the programming can be accessed individually, your support as a PEL Member provides you with the widest array of free benefits.

Executive Director

Amy Walia-Fazio


“Identifying and applying to a school should not result in your being overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious or disconnected. PEL can help you get organized and informed via its workshops, fairs and advisory sessions so that you can focus on your children’s educational opportunities.”

Amy Walia-Fazio brings a passion for education and a depth of experience to the Parents Education League. As an educator with over 13 years of teaching and administrative experience, Amy understands classrooms and school communities. She has had a varied career in independent, public and charter schools, across the nation. As a mother of two, Amy is equally passionate about the options we have when rearing our children, and firmly believes in families finding the right fit when searching for schools. Amy offers a deep and substantive knowledge of schools and student development, dedication, and experience to PEL and is committed to supporting parents with the most comprehensive, unbiased, timely information about schools and educational choices.

Amy also believes in strong civic engagement and has served her community as Chair of the Women’s Advisory Board, as a member of the Women’s Leadership Conference Steering Committee, and as Transportation Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood.

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University and a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody School of Education. A native of New Orleans, Amy moved to Los Angeles over 14 years ago and is still making discoveries about her new town, although she hasn’t quite found good, authentic Cajun food. She lives in West Hollywood with her husband, Michael and their two young children, Maximilian and Jaya.

You can reach Amy at awaliafazio@parentseducationleague.org